System description:

The facade system AT 500 CC is designed for large facades. The classic design of an on-the-mullion-placed-notched-transom-profile gives a maximum water and air tightness and static load capacity with only 50 mm visible width. The wide spectrum of Akotherm insertion elements such as doors or windows of the various series can be used in this facade system.

Your benefits:

  • Mullion-transom construction as notching facade
  • Highest thermal insulation, passive house fitness ift certified
  • Maximum glass weights and glass thicknesses used
  • Maximum compatibility with existing AKOTHERM systems
  • Proven and established manufacturing technology
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    Installation depths

    mullions 45 up to 188 mm, transoms 32 up to 195 mm

  • List item image

    26 up to 50 mm

  • List item image
    Heat transition

    in accordance with EN 12412-2: Uf = up to 0,67 W / (m² K)

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    Permeability of joints

    in accordance with EN 12152: class AE

  • List item image
    Tightness against driving rain

    in accordance with EN 12154: class RE 1050

  • List item image
    Noise insulation

    in accordance with DIN 4109-2: up to Rw = 50 dB

  • List item image
    Burglar resistance

    up to RC2

  • List item image
    Glass pane weight

    up to 650 kg

  • List item image
    CE mark

    in accordance with EN 13830: can be carried out



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