System description:

The system AT 740 FR has succeeded in developing a construction for the highest demands, from an established system. Thus, effective fire resistance and smoke control as well as an appealing glass and frame construction are not contradictory. In addition to using the profiles from the base system and the corresponding accessories is the waiver on coolant a strong argument for this system. The processing is therefore very simple and different hardly from a standard door. Leaf dimensions of approx. 1450 x 3000 mm are possible without any problems.

Your benefits:

  • Doors in T30 and T30-RS
  • Approval in accordance with DIN 4102-5 for single- and double leaf doors
  • Execution of elements without coolant*¹
  • Same profiles and same accessories as base System
  • Largest passage openings
  • List item image
    Installation depths

    frames 75 mm, leaves 75 mm, glazing bars 75 mm

  • List item image

    from 15 to 24 mm with fire resistance glass*²

  • List item image
    Leaf weight

    max. 205 kg

  • List item image
    Anti-panic function

    in accordance with DIN EN 179 / 1125

  • List item image
    Fire resistance

    in accordance with DIN 4102-5

  • List item image
    Smoke control

    in accordance with DIN 18095-1

*¹ = In exceptional cases coolant is required
*² = Pyrostop 30-10/12, Pyrostop 30-20, Promaglass “F1-30”




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